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Review of 'Nonterraqueous'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Mastertronic (UK)
by Stephen Curtis and Mark Jacobs

I have this game in my collection since it was released, but never played it much. I had other favorites, I guess, and never dug into it much.
After reading a couple of reviews from my fellow Spectrum chums, I decided to dig a little further into the game.
First of all, I couldn't remember anything about the game (or it's sequel), which goes to show how much I played it, and secondly I felt very relaxed playing it. The sparse sound effects as reviewer 'When I was Cruel' says makes the game either boring or relaxing and mysterious.
Graphically it doesn't appeal to me, but on the other hand I like it's cold metal feel.

After playing the game for about ten minutes and having had no progression at all, besides swapping robots and placing a bomb, I decided to browse the available game map on WOS. 1000 screens to explore? Oh my, oh my! This isn't the right game for me, I guess. However a lot of the screens are totally useless and unneeded to complete the game. So I played it a few more times, expecting any interesting rewards from the game.
After another 10 minutes I was capable to set off the rocket against the upper section and destroy it (Tipshop: thank you). It's one of the best sequences in the game, but it could have been done better, supposedly you board the rocket and after the explosion you get out (ouch!) but you don't see any boarding happening, and the first time that happened left me wandering what the heck was going on. Another 10 minutes into the game and I started yawning, the same routines of firing, picking up bombs and filling the Psyche level, was starting to affect me, so I call it a day.
Well, not exactly, Tipshop came in handy again and I watched the video of the game being finished.

I must say, the whole game didn't impressed me, but the end sequence left me cold as an ice cube. So the infamous computer was an evil ZX81? That's it? And in the end you only get a phrase in white letters against a black background, congratulating you for your achievement while marketing the next sequel (which come to be 'Soul of a Robot' and not 'Terraincognita').
That's it? No fireworks? No fanfare? Not even a simple animated sequence?
I suppose I would have loved it better in the 80's and judging from the ratings, this is a well appreciate game, but to me the game plot is mediocre and boring, although well written and fully playable.