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Review of 'Nonterraqueous'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

It's a maze-game with mild shoot'em up and adventure elements, and with a huge map of one thousand locations. Feels a bit different than your usual game of this kind because the action is less frantic, the enemies are not so lethal or disturbing as in, for example Underwurlde or Sabre Wulf, there's a certain brooding atmosphere, if I may say so, and the plot, by the way, reflects the warning about the danger of an excessive development of artificial intelligence that has been voiced just in these days by Stephen Hawkin and other personalities. The world has been in fact taken over by robots controlled by a central computer hidden in the core of the maze. As a good robot secretly built by the enslaved humans, you can guess what your mission is. You can assume, by the way, two different shapes, the one of a shooting ball, or that of a faster vehicle, a sort of helicopter, unable to shoot. The shift is possible only in screens with a "swop" machine, anyway. And there seems to be some other nice features. I like the [sparse] sound effects too.
Nearer to 4/5 than to 3/5.