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Review of 'Abu Simbel Profanation'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Dinamic's first incursion in plattform games was a great success. And one of its best works. It's the third in a series of games starring adventurer Johnny Jones (the previous were Saimazoom and Babaliba) who this time has a really hard challenge, a linear plattform game that consists of 44 bloody difficult screens. Back in the day, I got a copy of this game with infinite lives. Even so, it was really hard to reach the end. At the middle of the game, the random colour of a gem is the key to choose the correct colour in a later screen to go on the game. In those days I played with a B/W telly so it was almost impossible to continue!

Graphically good, and as I said before, in spite of its difficulty, a great game.