Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Rocky Horror Show, The'

Rating:4 User: Stack

A perfectly chosen theatre and movie tie in for the closet and non-closet cross-dressing Spec-chum community, the Rocky Horror picture show sits alongside Frankie Goes to Hollywood contending for 1985's strangest official licence brief.

Here, in the heart of a game that swapped hands in playgrounds, is a game with an illicit drug repository room with bouncing wacky mushrooms and madcap hyperdermics!

But enough of the needle as in terms of atmosphere and cute graphics Rocky Horror is a winner, with most characters present and immediately recognisable. The humour and some of the storyline is intact as well, a rarity for any Spectrum licence.

The game also feels unique, the graphics, independent sprites, the slight 3D perspective, the lines from the film the characters spout, and the strange lack of threat to survival combine to evoke odd.

Yes, dying is perfectly possibly as Riff Raff can blast you or the spark can zap you, but there are moments of strolling the spaceship mansion trouble free.

Tension is accordingly often missing amidst the drama, although anxious clockwatchers will feel the heat - the time limit for the game is very tight.

Anyhow, Rocky Horror looks nice, and plays well enough, but it isn't a classic. For completionists the back and forth time tight project stops being charming and becomes a traipse, whilst 15 rooms is not enough mansion or variety for would be explorers of Frankenfurter's darkest desires.