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Review of 'Bubble Trouble'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1982 Arcade Software (UK)
by Bruce Rutherford

You play a burglar who has to steal a few items in each city he stays in. After you "clean" all the goods you can find, you are able to pass onto the next level, but first you can collect bonus points until the time count reaches zero, if you manage to catch the question mark (after the 1000 points), you move to the next screen before the end of the timer, earning you a bit more time for the next robbing.
It's an adaptation of Pac-Man, not particularly original, but at least doesn't clone entirely the coin-op game, as so many authors did.
The graphics are very cute and colorful, and ahead of 1982, and somewhat reminiscent of the Horace games.
The 3 levels of difficulty mean you either have 1,2 or 3 bubbles chasing you.
Playability is good and fun, but it's a shame the possibility to select on which level to start on. That spoils a lot the addictiveness of the game. You can always ignore that and start from the beginning, but we know, no one does that.
For a 1982 this could qualify as a four star rating, but the screen selecting takes from me a star, so a three it gets.