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Review of 'Saboteur!'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

Review 1 [December 2014]
Classic ninja game with platforms, exploration, loads of enemies and bloodthirsty dogs, items to be retrieved, a sort of secret subway and a helicopter for you to run away.

Review 2 [February 2014]
You're a ninja that moves like a shadow in the night and stealthily infiltrates a building in search of some secret tapes or something. You stealthily avoid to beat the dogs, because you're an animal rights activist or because of possible karmic consequences, but you don't mind punching or flying kicking the humans watching the property, or even throwing typical oriental weapons at them, like shuriken, knives, bricks and stones. Anything that is at hand, actually. And there are lots of ladders taking you to secluded spots, hidden rooms, mysterious sewers. Then, take a merry ride on the mini-underground! Or fly away, stealthily, with whirling blades. And you're so agile that you can jump anywhere, especially on useless spots. Moving like a shadow in the night.