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Review of 'Tomb of Syrinx'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

Multi-directional maze game with "shoot-at-everything" elements, adorned with graphics that was probably substandard even in 1985[*], but that somehow I like, and equipped with a jerky one-strip-of-screen-at-the-time scrolling scientifically conceived to make you stumble on some sudden lethal thing before you can even think of dodge it. This kind of scrolling even adds to the atmosphere, anyway, because it creates suspance. It's quite playable, although when the nasties suddenly appears in group, it's almost certain death.
Maybe I should give it 2/5. But it's 3/5 instead.

Edit: [*]even though WoS marks this game as released in 1985, and it looks like a 1983 game, it's really from 1987.

Re-edit: no, wait. It must have been released by Black Knight Software in 1985, and ignored by every magazine, and then re-released by Power House Software in 1987.