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Review of 'Jet Set Willy'

Rating:5 User: Stack

The endless stream of modifactions and clones has come about for a reason. Jet Set Willy fired up imaginations like so few other creative works in any field have managed to do.
As you walk/jump your way around Willy's loadsamoney mansion you reveal a map with intrigue around every corner.
We wanted the yacht to set sail to a distant island or to leap from the rooftop battlements to the moon - and these are things that followed in the official and unofficial chapters that eventually followed.
JSW is a rare example of a masterwork that transcends its media, yet in passing helped elevate the ZX Spectrum as a creative device from practical to astonishing.
No wonder Sir Clive was reputedly so fed up with hearing about JSFW as one young man, Matthew Smith, took his homework home computer and turned it into such an epicurean adventure box.