Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Ping Pong'

Rating:5 User: Davey Davey

I'm reviewing yet another arcade conversion, but this time I'm looking at one of the very best arcade conversions on the Spectrum in Konami's Ping Pong.

Ping Pong is another name for Table Tennis and the rules are quite straightforward. You and an opponent have to hit a ball back and forth using a racket (can also be called a paddle or bat) and points are scored if the player does not return to ball, the player hits the net or the ball goes out. Up to two players can play the game, if one player is selected, the player gets to choose the level of the CPU opponent they wish to play against, there are five levels. The first player to 11 points is the winner.

The game is played very smoothly and in later levels it's very quick just like the real game. The controls are quite tough at first but with patience and practice you'll find they work and respond very well, it's just quite confusing at times as to when to play your backhand shots.

The graphics are very nice with the playing area very accurate with the real game. The most impressive part of the graphics is the crowd, especially the animation when a point is won. The music is superb, probably one of the best beeper tunes on the Spectrum. The sound is very good as well and fits well with the game.

Ping Pong, for me, is one of the finest arcade conversions and sports games on the Spectrum. Its level of gameplay and design is really quite a feat. A number of Table Tennis games have come out on multiple platforms since this game and most of them don't come close to replicated the thrills of Konami's Ping Pong.