Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Operation Wolf'

Rating:4 User: Davey Davey

I have a habit of reviewing Spectrum versions of arcade classics, and here's another one, this time I look at Taito's Operation Wolf, ported to the Spectrum by Ocean.

The game sees you on a mission to rescue hostages from the concentration camp. There are six stages in the game where you shoot a swarm of solders, tanks and helicopters, you need to shoot the exact amount of enemies the level states in order to progress. You are equipped with ammo for your gun and grenades but of a limited supply. Power ups can be collected which increases ammo and grenade supply as well as improve health and increase the fire rate of your gun with unlimited ammo. You must also avoid shooting innocent civilians. If you have taken too much damage your game is over.

The game is played with a crosshair rather than a lightgun. A lightgun version of this port exists through a compilation but for this review it's the crosshair, and it's quite sensitive which makes it quite tricky to make your shots but it's better than an unresponsive crosshair, at least this responds well.

The graphics are very nicely detailed, the design of the soldiers, tanks and helicopters are impressive. The graphics are monochrome which works given the amount of detail already, having a multi-colour playing area would probably have destroyed the detail. However, the dark green in the Jungle level (level 2) is quite a downer but thankfully it doesn't damage the gameplay nor its detail too much.

The music is pretty nice too, the title music is the arcade version's high score tune and is actually better than the arcade version. All the other jingles from the arcade version are present as well and sound pretty well.

Operation Wolf on the Spectrum is a very favorable port. It's probably not the best port but on the Spectrum it's very playable and enjoyable.