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Review of 'Tilt'

Rating:4 User: Davey Davey

Tilt was quite the original game, its concept, for my knowledge, has not been replicated before, or since, unless if it did it came from Japan, but certainly on the UK market there hasn't been a game quite like Tilt.

In the game you guide a ball around a puzzle containing blocks which, well block your path, and pressing fire removes these blocks for a second and allows you to progress. You must progress through the whole puzzle and past all the blocks to drop the ball into the hole. You must do this while maintatining your power meter, moving your puzzle in any direction deplets your power meter and it increases with progresion up to where you lost your ball, or with completion of the level. When your power meter runs out you run on backup power, lose your turn on backup and your game ends. A level consists of four puzzles and completion of these puzzles recycles the puzzles with the addition of a changing block which disappears with movement for a brief period. The number of changing blocks increase with each level progression.

The puzzles look nice and colourful and their setup provides a real challenge. One issue I have with this is your power meter decreases even when setting up your puzzle before releasing your ball, and the third puzzle starts diagonally, so you may accidently waste some of your power just setting up your puzzle diagonally and at the correct angle. Speaking of diagonal movement this alone can cause you problems if you don't get it right. I always wish there were more puzzles than the same four all the time.

Regardless of the minor setbacks and points of criticism there's no mistaking Tilt as a great puzzle game and highly addictive. When the game's cover read "It's a Corker!" it wasn't joking.