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Review of 'Starglider 2'

Rating:5 User: p13z

The sequel to one of my favourite Speccy games, which can so often be a formula for disappointment. This, however, was a pleasant surprise.
It retains the great look, sound and feel of the original, but is a different game entirely. Starglider was quite a pure 3D space shooter. This is a bit more of an adventure, with exploration and trading to meet your final objective.
So, is it better than Starglider? I think I prefer the original which hooked me instantly, but suspect I may not have played enough of Starglider 2 to fully 'get into it' yet. I reckon others may prefer this to the original.
As with the original Starglider, the 128k version is better than the 48k game, and the 48k version is still impressive. An easy 5 for me.