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Review of 'Alcatraz II'

Rating:2 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Barry Jones
Ok, Harry successfully escaped the prison camp and now he's on an island [or probably not], and discovers that the files he's stolen from the Bad Guys contain informations about the Doomsday weapon or something. So he must reach a ship harboured on the western coast of the supposed island [I bet it's not] so to sail to the Allies and give them the files, otherwise the Doomsday weapon will destroy the world. So you wander around this place, looking for food, diamonds and tobacco in the buts or admist the bushes, in order to swap them for useful information from other escapees, which seem doing better than Harry, judging by their nice colours and better drawn figure. Harry, by the way, lost his hyper-demented walk featured in his previous game, and now he looks only moderately idiotic. Anyway it's an improved sequel, and it's even half-decent a game. There's even a helicopter sequence, somewhere. And when you fail, you're gratified by the Doomsday sequence, in which you discover that the dreaded weapon is a sort of red and yellow penis hitting the ground. Unluckily, there wasn't an Alcatraz Harry III.