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Review of 'Alcatraz Harry'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Barry Jones
Mighty crap. Alcatraz Harry walks through the screens as if he was a psychotic thinking to be Jennifer Beals on LSD doing some breakdance. And it's moderately slow too, so you can admire his movements in all their stunning beauty. Anyway, you must wander the flip screen sectors of your favourite concentration camp, looking for escaping equipment, which is automatically taken from you each time you return into a sector where a guard is. So you must remember the number of the sector and avoid it. This should be enough to throw the game off the window. There are lots of sectors and lots of guards, and we are all affected by Alzheimer's, by now. A honorable mention to the buildings and barracks too, which are smaller than your sprite. Buy it now!