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Review of 'T.L.L.'

Rating:4 User: winston

T.L.L, or Tornado Low Level, is one of those games which wasted plenty of my time on school holiday summer evenings. Graphically appealing but with simple and playable gameplay, it was a game that got things very right.

In the game, the player must carry out various missions at low level with their Panavia Tornado. Low level of course implies certain hazards - buildings and powerlines. The missions were to eliminate targets by flying very low over them - your bombadier takes care of dropping the actual bombs. Some of the targets are difficult to hit, being close to buildings or other scenery. While you're doing this, you must take care not to run out of fuel.

The controls are simple - basically, turn left, right, climb and descend - swing wings for cruise flight and extend them for landing (along with the wheels). Landing and stopping on a runway refuels the aircraft.

The map itself "wraps around" so if you fly off the right end of the map you appear again on the left end.