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Review of 'British Lowland'

Rating:3 User: Raphie

I'm not really one for strategy management games unless its a sport game, but British Lowland caught me by surprise.

You run a small ailing car company which is notable for poor industrial relations and production. You must turn the company into a growing business and must obtain a bank balance of £1.5 million, however you must not exceed the overdraft of £300,000.

In the game itself, you are given the option to open new lines for more production, close lines to cut costs, increase or decrease car prices as well as dealing with union requests and industrial accidents. Although I have not managed to do well thus far, I somehow keep coming back for more which is an example of how well programmed this game is. Its good for anyone with a keen interest and knowledge in cars, business and management. I have knowledge in none of these traits and yet still I managed to enjoy the game.

Sadly the fun probably won't last long as you end up dealing with the same problems and scenarios as you continue playing the game and it can get very frustrating. But if you're bored and need a quick fix, try British Lowland, you just might be surprised, I certainly was.