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Review of 'Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

I don't understand why this unusual and quirky simulation title got so many low votes on the WOS archive. It baffles me - from the documentation to the actual program, it is clear that a lot of effort and care has been put into Space Shuttle. To date, it is the only simulator putting you at the controls of NASA's reusable space vessel, and the result is quite convincing: plenty of detail, different missions, pleasing if minimalistic visuals.

Maybe people were expecting laser duels with alien craft, establishment of colonies on other planets and/or satellites or god knows what. Space Shuttle missions are not like that. They are much more down-to-earth (no pun intended) affairs and the game reflects this in a noticeably realistic way.

Of course it might not appeal to everyone's tastes, but simply dismissing a well-made program like this just because you expected a different kind of game is totally unfair in my opinion.