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Review of 'Deathchase'

Rating:4 User: sirclive1

Crikey - these 16k games aren't half bad !

3d deathchase written by Mervyn j Escourt was the 1st ever Crash - Game of the month way back in issue 1 before the heady days of Crash Smashes .

Its a simple enough premise , executed really well , a virtual " endor bike chase scene " simulator , you are propelled foward at lightning speed , the only thing you have to avoid are the trees , hit one - lose a life , lose 3 and thats it ! Game over.

To complete a level you have to shoot the bikers which are always ahead of you , they weave in and out of the trees with ease , there's also bonus points for shooting the tanks or helicopters that occasionally pass by.

The graphics are very basic , but considering its all done to fit into less than 16k , its mighty impressive.

The controls are responsive and the game has levels / high score feature to keep you coming back for just one more go , a speccy classic .