Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Tomahawk'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

Digital Integration didn’t make many games , fighter pilot and night gunner were two earlier releases and both were pretty good , Tomahawk was basically the follow on to fighter pilot and was delayed for over a year whilst in development , with Crash and Sinclair user running adverts for months before release , expectation was very high.

The game is a 3d flight simulator , it might seem silly to say nowadays but at release it was one of only a handful of actual games based on piloting a flying machine.

You are put in total control of a US Army AH-64A Apache helicopter , armed to the teeth with a 30mm chaingun , laser guided missiles and hellfire rockets , enough power to wipe out any enemies you encounter , which vary from tanks , field guns , soldiers and another deadly helicopter which heads pretty much straight for you.

It has a detailed landscape , single trees , forests , buildings , landing pads , mountains and pylons , these are physical property and will damage your apache if you make contact with them , except the landing pad which will re arm and re fuel your craft.

You can also alter the enviroment , fly day or night , alter the height of the clouds , crosswinds (on/off) and your skill level from trainee to ace , these features are not just extras they really alter major elements to the game.

The game has 4 main missions , the 1st one is just a basic training type , enabling you to get used to piloting the heli , 2nd mission has you helping your forces in a small battle against ground forces and then zoom back to base , in the next mission you take off surrounded by enemy vehicles and troops and you have to liberate each section of the map. Mission 4 is full combat , a large scale battle for control of the entire map , use your apache to its best of abilities and win the war..

Flying the helicopter is as real as you could get on a spectrum and exceeds expectations , there are a lot of keys to get used to and its difficult to get used to but once mastered it becomes second nature. The sense of speed is also amazing , flying low to avoid enemy radar , dodging treetops whilst blasting out a tank is a real buzz.

Playing it this week brought back a lot of good memories , especially dogfighting over the mountain range , the game still plays well , its quick , graphically still good especially considering its wireframe , its difficult without being impossible and highly recommended.