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Review of 'Viking Raiders'

Rating:4 User: sirclive1

Viking Raiders is a fairly simple turn based war / strategy game loosely based on the game Battle 1917 which preceded it by about a year.

The basic aim of the game is to defeat the other Vikings by taking over their castle , this was done with the clever use of the limited resources , soldiers , ships and deadly catapults. These had to be purchased at various costs , soldiers could either defend , move into battle , get drunk (if they went next to the drinking sacks dotted around the map) or collect gold from the treasure chests to boost your war funds.

The land was covered in a network of rivers and the only way to traverse them was by ship , each ship could carry 3 Vikings up and down the map , the could disembark the ship anytime the ship was near land so they were a good way to sneak up and capture an enemy castle or launch an attack on some unsuspecting soldiers.

Catapults were used every turn to fire one shot across the map , this could also sink ships which could prove costly if you were carrying 3 Vikings.

The movement was simple enough , a 1 – 9 directional control was used to point and move each man , ship or catapult , then pick the length of movement , also between 1 and 9 blocks , if you collided with another Vikings troops a random battle would break out with some nice animation , one Viking would be victorious and continue in the game , the other would be killed !

After about 15 turns the rivers would freeze over , reducing the ships usage , ships could get locked in the ice and were no longer of use , opening up the whole area for use on foot.

If and when an enemy viking reached your castle , he could attack and if successful take over your base , thus ending your game. The last viking left standing won the game.

The great thing about Viking raiders besides its simplicity was the fact you could have multiplayer games , which at time was quite unusual , 1 – 4 players took part , any combination of human / computer controlled players could take part and it made for some smart battles , the computer did have 1 mayor advantage though , its catapult could fire anywhere on the map where yours could only fire a maximum of 9 blocks in length. It didn’t spoil it though and you just had to plan ahead.

Viking raiders was and is a great little game , it was released by firebird on their budget range and is still a fun game to play now , its remembered with great fondness and If you haven’t played it , bypass the simple graphics and give it a go !