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Review of 'Funky Punky'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Grupo Editorial SYGRAN (Spain)
BY Angel Delgado, Miguel Quesada and Alfonso Chico

For what I've gathered from the Spanish instructions, Funky Punky has to clean his messed up house from a party the gave last night, then jump on his 50cc motorcycle and head to University/school where he has to take an important exam.

There are several stages to the game. The cleaning, the traffic and finding the right class room and take the exam. Cleaning basically means catching all the white items scattered around the not so messy house (a goody two shoes party maybe), including the keys to you motorcycle, besides other objects. The traffic scene, is particularly cute, but too easy. It sees you riding your motorbike, on a horizontal perspective (side scrolling), thru busy traffic. Once you get to campus you have to find the right exam room, but before some objects have to be found, for instance, you'll need a pen and a scientific calculator in order to take the exam, otherwise forget it.

Finally once head to head to the examiner, you'll have to answer a few multiple choice questions. The questions are in Spanish and most aren't that easy! A real challenge for kids and teens in the 80's no-Google-era. If you manage to pass the exam successfully, you win the game and get your name on top of the score table. That's it.

There is nothing particularly innovative or exciting about this game (think of the Wally series), but it's a still a nice game for fans of the sort.