Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Shadow of the Beast'

Rating:4 User: Amigian128

I first played Beast on the Amiga, sure the aesthetics carry it to a certain degree but I like it and I don't think it is quite as shallow as a lot of people claim.

Anyway, I fired it up on the plus3 the other night and found myself enjoying it just as the original, and similarly got my butt kicked in the castle. Obviously everything had to be scaled down considerably but the results are admirable, the scrolling is still smoother than a lot of ST games and the level of detail is adequate to convey the trademark atmosphere albeit accompanied by some rather funky colour schemes. Actually I think after conversion the backdrops in particular are somewhat evocative of Baal, an earlier Psygnosis game from a different team. Whittaker's score is good as expected but I still couldn't resist listening to the original mods on WinAMP while playing.

Maybe Beast doesn't have the universal appeal of Pacman but the heady mix of exploration, simple puzzles and twitch reflex action works fairly well and is carried off by the unique art direction. If you ever thought on going through Beast on all formats, why not start with the Spectrum?