Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Manic Miner'

Rating:4 User: sirclive1

Manic miner - a game that will forever be entwined with the zx spectrum . It made an overnight hero / success out of the author Matthew Smith , a somewhat wacky monty python fan who could produce quality games for the black wonder !

Starting in the central cavern you have to collect each of the several glowing items on each level , then and only then will you make your way to the exit , tot up your score via the amount of oxygen left and progress to the next mindbending level , 20 of them in all and i must confess that without cheating 6031769 i would not have seen them all , i started to crash and burn everytime i got as far as the the kong level.

The game itself now seems fairly simple , just left / right and jump , but therein lies the addictiveness and playability , it drags you back (even after 25 years of playing) for just one more go , its fun to play , the graphics are well animated , varied and very smooth , its wickedly designed as well and has stood the test of time superbly.

Youv'e probably played it and know what im waffling on about , but if you haven't - fire up the speccy or emulator and waste a few hours enjoying a classic game.