Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Doomdark's Revenge'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

After waiting an eternity (about 6 months in child time) , i finally managed to purchase Doomdarks revenge from Smiths in Preston , i eagerly scampered home , fired up the speccy and slotted it in the tape deck and hit play.

After a short load (due to the very high pitched speed loader ) i placed the iconic keyboard overlay down and set off into the land of icemark to do battle once again with the forces of evil , this time lead by Doomdarks naughty daughter Shareth.

For anyone familar with its prequel - the lords of midnight , it plays very similar , you get a full 3d representation of the land around you and control your troops / lords / characters through their eyes , you start off with three recruits and quickly increase your armies by recruiting others to your cause.

Morkin (your son) has been kidnapped and the only way you're going to get him back is to travel north , defeat Shareth and rescue him from her bewitching clutches.

Being the follow up , it had more locations , more vaired terrain , different groups of characters such as Giants , Icelords , Barbarians and Dwarves to try and recruit , some groups wouldn't alliege to you if you had already recruited another type , so you had to plan ahead or end up losing an alliance you'd already forged earlier .

This time round Mike Singleton had inserted a tunnel network , which for a time could help if you were getting pasted in a battle , sneak in a tunnel and emerge a few locations away to retreat from a larger army (always a good idea) , the other major new feature was mist , i didn't care for this as you could end up lost or bumping into Shareths rather large army or a group of Icelords just when you weren't up for battle.

I really enjoy playing both the lords of midnight and doomdarks revenge , they are both extremely well written , very deep (especially for a spectrum game) , the graphics are wonderful , they are also both a decent challenge , iv'e actually only completed doomdarks revenge once after all these years of playing.

Anyone wanting a really tough challenge , look no further than Doomdarks Revenge , immerse yourself in the game and enjoy it as much as i have done.