Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Bubble Bobble'

Rating:4 User: Raphie

Bubble Bobble is one of my favourite games ever. First played it on the arcade in Ireland and I was blown away with its addictive gameplay, catchy music and most of all its cuteness (well I was only a wee lad) so imagine my excitement when I discovered this game for the Spectrum for only 4 quid. This was a great effort from Firebird which unfortunatley falls just a bit short.

Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is still the same as the arcade version and just as addictive and there's a nice rendition of the main tune during the game, although the game was glitched in that at times (for me most times) it played without the music. And the graphics are nice but could have been more colourful I feel, especially with a game like Bubble Bobble. Unfortunatley, our main protagonists Bub and Bob don't look as cute as they do in the arcade game, I remember thinking "they look kinda creepy don't they". If they could add the colour to everything else in the game, why leave our heroes with no colour.

If you loved the arcade game, you'll want to give this a go. It's just as addictive as its arcade counterpart with its only blemish being the lack of colour on our heroes.