Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Chuckie Egg'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

Ahhhh - chuckie egg , for me its one of the most nostalgic games out there for the spectrum , i can't think of many games that evoke such fond memories.

I think most people know the games format but for the uninitiated , its a fairly basic platform game , containing ladders , levels and lifts , with eggs and bird seed to collect , stopping you from having such an easy time are the hens which shift around the platforms fairly randomly , its all set against a bonus time clock and move along at a hectic pace.

Henhouse Harry is under your control , he zips around and climbs , jumps and runs with ease around the screen , he can bounce of platforms or lifts but if he falls too far or touches a hen , thats a life gone !

The graphics look quite simple nowadays but they do the job well , they are bright , well defined and smoothly done.

The game is highly addictive , there's a few ways it achieves this , it has the next screen factor and a high score table as well , i've actually never got beyond level 8 even after playing it for over 25 years but it's still one of those games that gets a dust down every few months. A classic .