Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone'

Rating:4 User: Raphie

One of the more playable versions of the awful Double Dragon III. This game sucks for a number of reasons, one of them being the inclusion of the shop which enables you to insert coins to purchase weapon, power ups and other items. Luckily the spectrum lacked that function and allows you to simply collect the coins for purchasing.

The game doesn't play too badly, though you can beat up the baddies with your hands and feet I would strongly recommend you buy a power up to strengthen your attack so that it knocks them out in far less time. You can also purchase weapons to help you along the way, annoyingly, when I purchased a weapon all I could hit was clear air and my energy quickly vanished and I died as a result.

But overall this is pretty good and a lot than it's dire arcade counterpart and plays way better then the first Double Dragon on the Speccy. Double Dragon enthusiasts proclaim Double Dragon III as the worst of the series, on the ZX Spectrum though it's the best and it's definately worth a look.