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Review of 'Ad Astra'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

Right now the average of this one on WoS is 7.40 from 44 votes, while the not totally dissimilar and vastly superior New Cylon Attack has only a 7.09 or something. But, beside the big colourful graphics [the asteroids more importantly], the rest is not much impressive: there's something wrong in the perspective, which makes you inadvertently collide against enemy ships, asteroids and bullets - there's no sign of motion, you seem to be completly still, no sense of depth, a star field completely still itself, the sounds are little silly "bip's": a starship explodes and all you hear is "bip". The playability is not that good either because of the perspective problem aforementioned. I'm tempted to give it 2/5, but for now I'll settle on a very narrow 3/5.