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Review of 'Sabre Wulf'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

It's Atic Atac, only more colorful, harder and placed in a jungle - which also means narrower passages, all ridden with animals, cannibals, etc.
The smaller animals can be defeated with your twirling sword, but the biggest, like hippos and rhinos, can only be pushed back and turner around in their furious race. The same with the cannibals. Anyway, of course it's a sort of treasure hunt, for the usual amulets or maps or something - plus dozens of other objects littered anywhere [this jungle seems like a junkyard].
Playability is definitely lower than in Atic Atac, and more akin to Underwurlde - but if in the latter there are more efficient techniques that you can learn to survive, in Sabre Wulf there are more random contacts with enemies appearing out of nowhere, and your self-defence is limited by the fact that you can use your swords horizontally only - so a lethal contact easily verifies - and if in Underwurlde it might mean only another session of bouncing around, in this case it's death.
So I'll give it 4/5 because is very well done, with a nice tune and all, definitely above average, especially for 1984 - but it has not chances to improve its score. Underwurlde is better, as far as I can see.