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Review of 'Airwolf'

Rating:4 User: psj3809

Airwolf is quite a controversial game, the total opposite of Bruce Lee, Airwolf can be very frustrating and very difficult but stick with the game as it gets better and better.

The first major screen is the famous 'wall'. This is actually easy to shoot through, keep pressing down/up (Dont float down) so you can shoot horizontally to destroy the wall. With practice this is easy to do.

The second wall you dont even have to blast, theres a screen on the left for a reason, come in from the left and you can fly around the wall before it builds.

The game is a decent shoot em up, needs a few more screens but for its day I think its a great little game and one I played a ton back in the day and still enjoy a blast now. Just hearing the sound effects brings back memories of taking turns playing this game with my best mate at the time.