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Review of 'Wanted: Monty Mole'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

Another game in which you have to pick up hundres of thousands of billions of items.
This time are pieces of coal. And some tools too. What can you say against Wanted: Monty Mole? Not much, it's an early Jet Set Willy clone, but aesthetically and technically better done, and even more playable, I'd say - not being a fan of JSW. The difference that in WMM your path is obligatory, there's only one way to finish the game, screen after screen, while in JSW there's the exploration bit in the gameplay, you can wander off in every direction. The graphic s are very good, lots of colour, and your mole is quite well animated, the sound is bearable. The difficulty level invites you to another go, because you feel that you can pass that bit, playing more carefully.
Neat game, 4/5.