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Review of 'Paranoid Pete'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

This could have been so much more if only a bit of reasoning was applied to it. Why make a game so repetitive and boring? There are a few nice ideas lying around, but they don't seem to merge together. Remember the plant blossoming in Ultimate's Pssst? You'll see another here. The problem is, if you place yourself in a certain position (the only one I've found to move on to the next level) you will be in front of the plant (color clashing and all) and you can hardly see the plant growing. Not to mention that this move is always the same, so you end up repeating yourself all over level one.

Level 2... couldn't figure out anything. It looking nice, though, I guess. I only played it once, so in the future I may change my review.

Unfortunately this game makes me not to want to touch a single piece of cereal again. So the guys at Weetabix did well in not wanting this game associated with their cereal brand. It's not all that bad, though, the graphics are kind of cute, I guess.