Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Orc Attack'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

Ok, your castle is sieged by the orcs, who are hauling and lifting up ladders to jump over your walls, and in the meantime they're shooting arrows from the ground, which eventually become FLAMING arrows - and you're done.
It's quite hard, and the inertia of your character makes it rather laborious to place exactly over the orc, in order to throw the black thing - whatever it is - over them and kill'em. [it could be even a pot of hot oil, I don't know]. When they reach the top of the wall, they start crushing its peaks, and then pull out the sword to hit you. At this time you'll need a sword too - and it will appear at the extreme left or extreme right of the screen. The same happens with the black thing/oil pot/black ball/whatever it is. The orcs are very fast in placing the ladders and climb them, so the action is quite frantic - in spite of your slow start running. At a certain point, it becomes very busy, with multiple arrows, normal and flaming, flying around, and hordes of orcs shaking swords under you. The graphics are a bit primitive, but functional. Can't give it less than 3/5.

tried again
I now think it deserves