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Review of 'Paranoid Pete'

Rating:1 User: p13z

Slightly worse than I was expecting for a game where you play a piece of Weetabix farming wheat on another planet.
Use your spade to fend off some kind of lazily drawn things, while planting seeds that fall from a spaceship which, confusingly, is named 'harvester'. It could be the premise for a simple little game, but this is just bad all round. It also seems to be bugged/glitchy. Sometimes you can't dig or fill a hole in for no apparent reason. There is allegedly another section to the game, but it appears to be too bugged and painful to play to ever find out.
I may be wrong here, but there seems to be a quite obscene message implied to potential pirates on the loading screen. Given that the game seems to be aimed at young players, and is far below the quality required to draw the attention of any self respecting hacker, it just seems a bit 'off'.
£5.95? Unforgivable.