Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Abadia del Crimen, La'

Rating:4 User: psj3809

A very impressive game, just make sure you find the english hack ! If you arent sick and tired of isometric games then give this one a go, very impressive.

Sadly idiots ruined the voting on World of Spectrum by constantly giving the game 10/10 to get it to number 1. (And giving rival games 1/10) (Allegedly !)

An impressive game, just a fair few still haven't tried this game out and just know of it due to the voting abuse at WOS. Well worth trying out.

Isometic games were slowly disappearing in the late 80's, Knight Lore was the first, Head over Heels and Batman took the genre slightly further. La Abadia is a very good game and well worth trying.