Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Wriggler'

Rating:5 User: spud

Do you take the risk and go for the skeleton key or do you head straight to the mansion and hope you can figure out which order to unlock the doors?
I've only ever managed to complete it by going for the skeleton key, but you need good luck to avoid the spider on the way down to it, and you need an "extra life game" to make sure you'll reach the finish line. That is hard enough, but doing it the other way (the right way?) must be damn near impossible.

Have you ever managed to keep up with the other contestants in the race to the finish? They're super human.

The graphics are detailed and full of character. The skeletal spider is a real treat as it creeps along the screen dishing out instant death to any maggot that touches it.

Sound is fine. Good title screen music. In game spot effects work well enough. Love the change of pitch the closer to death you get. The clockwork spiders make a satisfying noise.

Let's be frank about this for a moment: This is one of the greatest games on the Spectrum, isn't it?