Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Bounty Hunter, The'

Rating:4 User: judasezt

Very nice Gun Smoke clone.. but not only that, it also features stages reminiscent of ExpressRaiders ( riding horse chasing a train ) and Boothill ( this one for the final boss stages )

Not bad for a budget release at all.

It moves well, has colour.. and is taxing. Thats good for an arcade.
Is important to keep an eye in ammunition reserves and collect more.

Although is not very smooth, and would have been a better with a progression in difficult curve ( an usual flaw of low-price games ) is superior to GunSmoke and Outlaw, the other vertical westerns of Spectrum softlogy.

I would liked to have an Speccy Gun-Smoke clone with three buttons of fire.. like the coin-op. something very affordable using keyboard. Seems that at 80-90es seemed a complication for playing.

Recommended for arcade shoot'em up lovers. 3.75/5