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Review of 'O.K. Yah'

Rating:1 User: Jay Misterio

O.K. YAH! No not really, more like oh dear me.

O.K. Yah is a shooter where you control a person identified as a "yuppie" on what looks like a skateboard, only jet-powered rather than on wheels. You fly across the screen shooting what appears to look like cans of something and you do so with your hand I believe as he doesn't appear to be holding anything, the hand is shaped like a gun though so maybe I'm missing a trick.

As well as this you must avoid contact with clouds as they kill you, and so too do the explosions of the "enemies" you shoot at, because even though you've shot them their sprite is still there until it's completely disappeared, you can't go through it, even in smithereens it still harms you. So if you think shooting them gives you a clear path you'll be mistaken as you still have to stay away from them even when they are in bits. I suppose that is realistic as you do not want to be near an exploding item, but it is so annoying that you die constantly AFTER shooting the enemy. And since when were clouds fatal?

The game's graphics aren't the best but they aren't bad. I like the look of the yuppie, I don't know why, I just do for some reason. The game's music is short and repeats so it will get on your nerves quite easily. It also has some speech in it, the "O.K. Yah" I referenced at the start of this review. It's quite clear compared to other uses of speech but again it is very repetitive and this too will get on your nerves.

But the one thing that'll get on your nevers the most is the gameplay. It's far too difficult, not only do you have to avoid clouds but avoid the enemies after shooting them, you end up having to do more avoiding than shooting and that won't save your lives either.

I wish this was a novelty game that I can enjoy for a short time before I get bored, but it's not. O.K. Yah is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played and it left me very unsatisfied.