Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Vixen'

Rating:3 User: judasezt

Heavily publicized game, it counts with a decent premise and a good technical level. Nice graphics, good animation, nice flow of movement.. and even a truly memorable title tune from the criminally underrated Jas C Brooke.

To tell the truth I didn't expected so good quality in a so much publicized game.
Then the game starts, and seems well designed and with good concept of jump'n'run and collect'em up. Even has extra bonus stages not bad planned.

But the sum of all factors doesn't give us a better product. Feels uninspired and lacks that 'something more', lacks 'a good third act' that would say in drama theater. The game fails into doesn't gives you a sensation of crusade against evil, because its not varied and reach too early until a point when you doesn't hope an extra detail of quality or discovery. Although the wish of get better score and collect more gems is there, should be stronger.