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Review of 'Phantis'

Rating:3 User: judasezt

Originally released in Spain as Phantis, for international release was renamed as GameOver 2, because Electronics Arts wanted to take profit of previous success that Dinamic Software enjoyed with Game Over.

The game features two totally different separated loads. First one being shoot'em up stages with spaceships, monsters and gigantic snakes.
Second load is an arcade adventure with nice graphics and a few objects to collect needed to advance.

The game is very nicely presented and efficiently programmed. But counts with a general flaw which isn't obvious at first sight. This flaw is that is incredibly easy.. it flows so good, that you advance without even noticing.

This details annoyed many players at its time. Curiosly, at Spain, the game didn't sold too well.. Analysts thought it was because at 1987, the approach of controlling a woman-hero for rescue his boyfriend, wasn't attractive for buyers.