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Review of 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'

Rating:3 User: Stack

5 screens of finickety platforming jug collection are separated by 3 scrolling journies between settings - by pedallo and flying carpet of course.
You are bolloxed in this game if you can't spell ARABIAN.
Plenty of annoyances to contend with including a jug you have to collect placed too high to safely drop down from right on the first screen (though the screen is completeable) and plenty of Speccy platformer favourite nuances such as brick work you can in fact pass through.
Its a nicely drawn platform game, no music or notable fx, short, fussy collision detection but neverless slammed more harshly than necessary in quite a funny Crash review, and in the end analysis, passable.
If you love playing around with big jugs even if the endgame is frustrating, give Tales of the Arabian Nights a try.