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Review of 'Bomb Alley'

Rating:3 User: Stack

aka Skrambler
A nice enough Scramble clone that does everything competently without the polish of Penetrator, but with five satisfying phases to battle through. Its a bit flickery, but more than acceptable for a Type-In - though in the time it would have taken me to type this in I could have delivered more than enough newspapers to buy Penetrator... everything is present, bombs, bullets, fuel dumps, rockets and radars and more and you can even choose how fast you want it to run at.
One amusing touch, at game over the author mocks you with his own high score!
The real story follows the Type In publication as this game was picked up by K'Soft following, for a commercial release it didn't deserve, appearing as Lunar Attack and after that this game became a wonderful example of recycling, seeing a rerelease by Alternative, with an alternative name and was renamed again and rereleased in Spain before, yep, it was rereleased as late as 1987 by System 4.
So Bomb Alley (or Skrambler) itself a clone, later appeared as Lunar Attack, Electra 9000: Lunar Attack Vehicle and perhaps most misleadingly Attack on Atlantis.