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Review of 'Match Day II'

Rating:4 User: Jay Misterio

I love Match Day and I was really excited with the chance to play its sequel Match Day II, as much as I liked it I can't prefer it over the first one.

It does look a bit nicer than Match Day, the player sprites are small but look a bit better. Some do prefer the older graphics and older sprites and I like them too, but I was fine with this change.

The biggest change comes from the gameplay though. Unlike Match Day where your shots were the same unless you weren't moving in that it effectively became a pass, Match Day II's shots are determined by a "kickometer" which can be altered in the options. As well as forward kicks you were given the option for it to read all kicks, including backward ones, so imagine a situation where you were through on goal with one minute left and went to shoot only for the ball to travel backwards.

I can see they were trying to add to the gameplay but this for me kind of ruined it, but I accept it's just an option and so I normally play with either Kick II or Kick III to give it that Match Day feel instead.

Match Day II is a good sequel but I do prefer the first game, its gameplay is just more effective to me compared to this.