Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'RoboCop'

Rating:4 User: Jay Misterio

Robocop is a game that exceeds limitations, so much so it's frightening. Two things that amaze me the most in this game is its awesome music and the fantastic use of sampled speech, in which I don't recall a better example of sampled speech in any other game compared to this apart from Chase H.Q., which is another Ocean game. I was so blown away when I heard the speech in this game, it's just amazing. And the in-game music is one of my favourite Spectrum tunes, I absolutely love it.

The reason why it doesn't get a 5 however is it can sometimes seem too difficult to progress when there are so many enemies but very few bullets, it takes some strategic tactics to progress through each level. When you do die you start at the beginning of the level again, it's something I should complain about but it's something I've never liked and also found to be a pain, likes how multiload is a nuisance.

But despite this it doesn't prevent Robocop from being a great game, it was very popular back in the day and it's really no wonder as to why.