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Review of 'Moon Alert'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

One of those early unofficial conversions, in this case of a coin-op titled Moon Patrol [which I don't know] - automatically scroll from left to right driving your lunar terrain vehicle, while dodging rocks, jumping pits, and shooting alien spacecrafts floating over you: your shooting in fact goes simultaneously in vertical and horizontally, two laserbeam being shot at once.
Anyway, you're welcomed by a cool enough [for 1984] rendition of R. Wagner's The Ride of the Valkyries, or whatever it's called, after a tasty and promising colorful loading screen, I started to play and I think I died for almost ten minutes in the same one or two spots, not very far from the start. Let's say, the second rock, the first long pit. Somehow it was addictive enough, or promising enough, to make me insist, although I was thinking all the time about ARMY MOVES. I got past before those critical spots only two or three times before making the greatest discovery: the rocks can actually be disintegrated with your laser. I wasn't displeased with the game until that, so even more when the playabilty greatly improved implementing the greatest discovery, so I was able to go further and make close encounters of the shooting kind with some flying saucers and enjoying the game.
Anyway, I had tried before to destroy the rocks with the laser, but I didn't notice how short the scope of the laser was: you must be near enough to destroy them. Whatever. All well that ends well. This is the first real HIT in my travel back to 1984. Good one.