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Review of 'Xenon'

Rating:4 User: Jay Misterio

I really liked Xenon, it's a quite a cool shooter, it's quite fun to play, but there are two things that annoy me about this which is why I can't give it a 5 rating.

The first thing is mentioned by Raphie and he is so correct, I love the music in this game but it is constantly interupted by the shooting sound, and it's so annoying, which is why I play it in 48K mode and listen to the music on an AY player with it, because then I can enjoy the music and it will never be interupted.

And the second reason is when you die you start all the way from the beginning of the level again, though it's just a personal annoyance, other games had this, Robocop for instance, but I never liked it, much like how most people hate multi-load which I cannot stand either.

If only for these I would have given Xenon a 5 because it's really enjoyable.