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Review of 'Kosmic Kanga'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

an original shoot'em up for sure, because of your jumping movement, that makes it weird to strike the enemies. you can't place/fly yourself at their height, and so you must target them while going up and down. although i don't think this is particularly good for playability. it's surely different. even though it seems to play on the space zoo craze of the jeff minter's imagery [was it already there?]. anyway you can control the height and lenght of your leaps, but once you send those inputs, you land where you land. [on some enemy or bomb probably]. there are cloudy platforms to help you, objects to pick up [only to increase your score, i think] while you [automatically] scroll to the right. i don't know if there are final baddies or variations, because i didn't advance much.
anyway it's an ok game.
programmed by dominic wood [1942, tutankhamun]