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Review of 'Highway Encounter'

Rating:4 User: rahtgaz

Highway Encounter was one of those games responsible for sleepless nights in my bedroom without my parents ever knowing about it. I'd put my alarm clock to 2am (a time I knew they would be sleeping), get up and play it until 7 am.

The game premise is simply enough. Guide your Lasertron (a small weapon capable of destroying the alien's mother ship) through a highway riddled with aliens. There's no mind-bending curves, mazes, secret doors... just a straight highway. But in your course you will find obstacles and enemies. Both need to be navigated or handled with brute force by your drone.

This drone is a Vorton and you are given 5 Vortons. You can however only control one at a time. The others run on auto-pilot to push the Lasertron forward until you either step in the way or they bump into an obstacle. If your main Vorton die, you are given access to one of the remaining ones until you lose all Vortons -- at which time the game is lost.

Highway Encounter was a unique game, and still is to this day. The concept was incredibly addicting and the technical achievements nothing to ignore. The 3D graphics were clear and crisp and the animation was impressively smooth.