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Review of 'Brautrydjandinn'

Rating:3 User: Digital Prawn

This game is a bit like a cross between "Thrust" and "Moonlander" and it is the first Icelandic speccy title I have ever played. Like both of those games, you control a spacecraft which is gradually being accelerated downwards by gravity. You counter this by firing the main thruster. Keys are CAPS-SHIFT=Thrust, N=left, M=right.

In this game, the craft cannot be rotated, only translated left or right and its orientation on the screen remains fixed, pointing directly upwards at all times. The goal is to collect all on-screen flashing objects without crashing into any obstacles, walls or the border area. Each level consists of a self-contained single screen. As expected, the levels get trickier as the game progresses.

I quite like this title, but can't truthfully award it more than a three. If you are a fan of "Thrust" or "Moonlander" then you'll be sure to enjoy this one and also appreciate the challenging levels.

My main criticisms of the game are that only one keypress at a time is detected, so you can't thrust and translate the craft at the same time. It's initially very difficult to resist the temptation to press two keys at once. Also, the gravity seems a touch strong, sometimes you can crash into the bottom of the screen just after a split-second distraction. Furthermore, the attribute file can become temporarily corrupted if you crash into the bottom of the screen really quickly, not that this matters at all - the screen gets redrawn on each life.

On the plus side, the in-game "white noise" sound effect is suitable for the spacecraft engine and the BORDER effect when you die is a nice touch. Also, each level is a pleasingly different colour and layout than the last.

Overall, it's a game of passing interest to most people or alternatively an obscure challenge for the dedicated player of the genre. The game does have the novelty that if you want to do a "Speccy world tour" of gameplaying, then you should certainly play it. If you stop off at Iceland, then this is currently your only choice in the WoS archive. (There is another Icelandic title listed, but it is MIA at the time of writing).