Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Nebulus'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Hewson Consultants (UK)
by John Phillips

Called Tower Toppler on the PC version, this is a beautifully designed game, with excellent programming skills by one the best programmers on the Spectrum, although not the most prolific.
It's not an easy game. And dare I say, if you cant handle pressure, stay away from this little pearl at all costs!

Thus I have to agree with Rebelstar Without a Cause, not so much because of the time limit, but more about the game's demanding skills. It's no fun to lose hours on just one game, in order to get past the first level! And then again come face to face to an array of even harder levels... It discourages maybe around 80% of all gamers, I venture to say.

Thankfully there are great skilled gamers out there who can handle this nasty beast without any fear. I'm not one of them. So here goes 4,5 points.